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      "Baroness de Boteler, I said not that your child lives."讯滠橹ぅぅ渐"With whom should we hold," said the foremost, "but with King Richard and the true commons?"ゥゥゥ磨赡ハCalverley, who was handing a replenished goblet to Sir Robert's page, started so much at this interrogatory, that the wine-cup dropped from his hands.イ甯ト訾凰



      "The dagger, knave," muttered Tyler, still intent on humbling the proud sword-bearer, and raising his axe in a menacing attitude.绀げ�ブヰ"Did you not know that his crime had shut him out from the aid of religion?"レぅdタ诲ュ

      �━丐"Never mind that," replied the galleyman; "but as for your mother, she was a good, and a holy woman; but I say she was proud! You are proud, or you would not think so much of being a villein. And is it not likely that your boy will be as proud as either?"燧ジ�单ヨぅぅ浃笫

      "And that dagger too, surly knave," said the smith. "How dare ye come here armed. Go to, thou art a knave!"イ�ぅ镛ぅネゅ"Does your grace see that little boat just before us?"ンぅ┏颔氓栅


      "Sir Treasurer, think you to scare him who leads the Kentish men? Kirkby, drag the antichrist from the altar!"いア墁いぅ�莞ズ�ⅳД铯ジ丹

      �せ扭辚蓼�ぅいゥ蓼ソ �チ楗わち

      �氓イい恁"Send forth the hue and cry," said De Boteler. "Scour the country till the knave be found, and promise a noble to him who discovers the runaway."シヮだ�ぅ`


      �ョ瓤匹じ�ヂ骘"We shall talk further," said Holgrave: "in the mean time, we must consult for your own safety. If your father was a villein of this barony, it is not likely that the old steward, or the new one—the fiend Calverley—should forget you; and——"ゥイイえタダ

      �治译ゼイぅThere was much murmuring and discontent at the tenor of this epistle; and but little disposition manifested to obey the mandate: but the example of their principal leader, Jack Straw, who instantly, as in obedience to the prophet's command, divested himself of his sword, and presented it to Sir Aubrey de Vere, intimating his submission to the king, occasioned a sort of general panic, or rather, a distrust of their own powers. This, added to the specious and equivocal promises of Richard, who now approached; and the persuasive eloquence of Oakley, operated so far on the credulous multitude, that the king, amidst a universal shout of "Long live the king of the Commons," turned his horse's head towards London, rejoicing in his heart that so far the rebels were dispersed.ざ郡い"Peace, profane jester!" said the monk. "Baron of Sudley, do you believe that this is the son thy lady mourned?"镉糙たパ


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