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      �踏顶い"He did, but, Master Bergan, a blind woman's ears are quick at catching meanings as well as words, and he did not mean to come very soon,—not, I reckon, till all is over."辘谱�嫂虍滑

      "I bring you a gift," said she, in low, rich tones, full of feeling as of melody. "This little, maiden hand—free from every claim as from every stain—is the best return that I can make for what you have done for me." And, placing Carice's hand in his, she added, solemnly:—"I give it to you, for I have the right: I am the wife of Edmund Roath."菠辚ツぅ"I did my duty as prosecuting attorney for the State, if that is what you mean," replied Bergan, coolly.奖ゥ椁簿ボ"If you want to speak to him so much, there is a way. You know the shorter path through the shrubbery to the entrance gate; we can intercept him."っ妤嘉ペい栩



      �操�锥パイぅォ"Where can my nephew be?" he exclaimed in perplexity and even displeasure.ょ氦袅蕙

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      "Thank Heaven! you are come at last, Bergan!" he exclaimed, starting up to go and meet him.韦ゥヂ�ぅAfter a moment's consideration, he dismounted, and walked quietly round to the spot where the negroes still kept up their lively dance. One of them, Bruno by name, stood a little apart, a smiling spectator of the merriment that he was too old to join. It was easy to touch him on the shoulder, without attracting the notice of the rest. The negro turned, and instantly recognized Bergan; but his exclamation of surprise was cut short by the young man's significant gesture, and he silently followed him to a spot equi-distant between the cottage and the dancers.た