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      �ヤきぅ墩ぅ�い┿存耙き� い具じ

      The brothers of Napoleon came to see the pictures of Mme. Le Brun, which Lucien especially greatly admired.╆氦�イイそ�沥サい


      �グへゥ�冷菁dニ婕She would not have her portrait done, saying that she was very sorry to refuse her aunts, but as she had renounced the world she could not have her picture taken. She had cut her hair short and her dress was very simple. The King looked nearly as pale and thin.匮浃航讠焓

      “Why?” answered she contemptuously; “because I know to what fate you condemn kings!”ゥ浈━い淌“I do not believe one word of your opinions. I am like Molière, I would rather appeal to my servant, but as she is not here I will, if you do not object, ask that young man, who does not look like a flatterer: he will tell us the truth.” And turning to him, she said—イいイヶ�ぉぅ嗯 ぅ妤

      Besides the conflict between the new and old ideas, the extravagant hopes of some and the natural misgivings of others, the court was disturbed by the quarrels and jealousies of many of the great nobles who, not contented with occupying the posts they held, aimed at making them hereditary in their families.セHe and Vergennes were said to have wasted the revenues of France, but at any rate he spent money like a gentleman, and when, in 1787, he was dismissed from office, he did not possess an écu.ヤイイThe King, the royal family, but especially the Queen, were becoming every day more unpopular, the reforms introduced seemed to do no good, only to incite the populace to more and more extortionate demands. The King, having neither courage nor decision, inspired neither confidence nor respect.ぅ



      �冥ホ瑗伐いナAt last, in spite of her being unlucky or fanciful, or both, she succeeded in finding a dwelling-place, and as directly she arrived, visits and commissions began to pour upon her, she soon had plenty of money and plenty of society.袼みひ━ē�幛黏い`が驻イ

      Cherchons bien les chemisesぞ“I bowed with a half-smile that seemed to amuse the King. But resuming his usually grave and majestic air, he added—碲榛ゥゥ�堀鲛いぬ蔗


      �昆ヵイ瑗ジM. Ménageot, the Director, came out to the carriage, offered her a little apartment for herself, her child, and governess, and lent her ten louis, for she had not enough left to pay her travelling expenses. Then having installed her in her rooms, he went with her to St. Peter’s.肖郅�ウ疝

      “Madame, we are your neighbours; we have come back to advise you to go, and to start as soon as possible. You cannot live here, you are so changed that we are sorry. But do not travel in your carriage; go by the diligence, it is safer.”ワ精Marat?ミゥゥTHIS fearful shock brought on so violent an attack of illness that Pauline’s friends feared for her reason. Her aunt nursed her with the deepest affection, her husband arrived to comfort her with his love and sympathy, and the anxiety about Rosalie gave her a new object of interest. The Duke went to see the Princesse de Broglie, who had just come to the neighbourhood from France; she knew nothing; but a smuggler was found who knew all the paths of the Jura, and who was willing to go to Franche Comté, promising not to return without knowing the fate of Mme. de Grammont.趣いいブ工


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